Clear Ocean’s ‘must-see’ Ocean Awareness films

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Following on from our post about the Racing Extinction screening, we thought we’d share a little more ocean awareness and positivity by giving you a rundown of ClearOceans‘ ‘must see’ Ocean Awareness movies.



A powerful documentary that connected with a lot of people and brought the shark finning trade into mainstream focus. Filmmaker & biologist Rob Stewart’s love for sharks prompts him to undertake a challenging journey in an effort to save sharks from extinction. Arguing that sharks are misunderstood as dangerous creatures he travels to the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica and other places where the animals can be found to reveal what’s really happening on the ground. Provides a critical eye-opener to the underground world of shark finning!

End of the Line

End of the Line

Imagine a world without fish, is the opening strapline of this documentary about the overfishing of our oceans and the potentially devastating impacts. Educational and informative, we like this film as it concludes with optimistic and positive recommendations for consumers, corporations and politicians on what actions you can take to avoid an overfishing disaster! And yes, it is possible.

Mission Blue

Mission Blue

A documentary about Dr Sylvia Earle´s love of the oceans and her mission to create a global network of ocean sanctuaries. For this inspiring, longstanding lover of the ocean, it´s simple. No ocean, no life. No ocean, no us. Combining the beauty of the oceans with the more serious message of saving them, this is a must see.

Shawn Heinrich’s Tigress Shark

Tigress Shark

Shawn takes a different approach to spreading the love and highlighting the need for ocean conservation with his short films. We particularly recommend Tigress Shark which combines the dramatic beauty of tiger sharks with graceful underwater dance by freediver, activist and professional mermaid, Hannah Fraser. Using this unique approach Shawn reveals a strong and beautiful way to communicate ocean conservation messages. Mesmerising!

The Cove

The Cove

Another Oscar Award winning documentary, The Cove follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan to reveal massive ecological crimes, particularly against dolphins. A provocative mix of investigative journalism, eco-adventure and arresting imagery, this movie shockingly reveals the mistreatment of marine life beyond belief.

Sushi The Global Catch

Sushi - The Global Catch

Though the summary describes a documentary about the history of sushi, this film actually explores the impact of sushi consumption on the ocean and it’s potentially devastating effects. An informative angle on a growing international love of this health food.

Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction

Oscar®winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) assembles a team of artists and activists intent on showing the world never-before-seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction. For sure you will walk away and want to be part of the solution, not only for the oceans.

Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough

Great Barrier Reef

Though more mainstream, this documentary series takes a current look at what´s happening at The Great Barrier Reef. While this may not satisfy hardened ocean warriors, David Attenborough´s charisma and his informative delivery help ocean awareness messages reach a very broad audience, and important part of achieving change.

We hope there’s something in there to wet your tastebuds and ignite the inner ocean warrior in you!

Have a super weekend, Sam

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