Top 10 Marine Conservation Blogs

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Are you a marine biology student, a budding oceanista or oceanpreneur or a passionate ocean lover?

If the answer’s yes, then you must read our Top 10 recommended ocean conservation blogs below.

1. National Geographic Ocean Views
Featuring photos, videos, and written stories from a diverse crowd of explorers, photographers, and scientists in the field, the fascinating content from this Nat Geo blog is bound to excite even the ocean novice. With perspectives on conservation issues from both old and new voices, it strives to raise awareness of the benefits of restoring fisheries and creating marine reserves while inspiring people to care about the ocean.

2. Oceanbites
Hosted by an impressive array of graduate students and scholars, Oceanbites takes the latest and greatest of ocean research and breaks it down into easily digestible “bites.” Updated frequently, the goal is to make marine science more accessible to the general public by summarizing it in more understandable terms.

3. Save Our Seas Foundation
The blog of this well-known marine conservation organization brings stories from the field from project directors and associated researchers. It brings to light unique research initiatives that are making an impact all over the world.

4. Southern Fried Science
Southern Fried Science is great for anyone thinking about pursuing a career in marine science or conservation. It offers an informative, often humorous, take on the reality of working in the field from practicing marine scientists at many different stages and a range of specialties. It tackles the greatest threats facing the ocean as well as the latest scientific discoveries and advances in conservation.



5. Marine Megafauna Foundation
The MMF blog is the place to find all the most recent updates on the work they are doing to protect some of the ocean’s most magnificent creatures in Mozambique and Indonesia. It also discusses the latest worldwide news affecting marine megafauna.

6. Carl Safina
The famous author and scientist and his crew write about conservation issues on a wide variety of topics, both terrestrial and marine. From stories about protecting wolves with Miley Cyrus to how plastics affect oysters, the blog’s unique tales and entertaining style make for a captivating read, and offer a window to the mind of a leading conservationist.

7. 5 Gyres
The 5 Gyre’s blog highlights the organization’s mission to tackle ocean plastic pollution. It delves into the depth of the problem while discussing potential solutions and encouraging innovative initiatives.

8. Deep Sea News
Well-known in the marine science online community, the goal of Deep Sea News is to directly communicate science to the public without barriers in a way that instills passion, awe, and responsibility for the oceans. Using humor and an informal style, the blog covers the latest stories about our oceans, from the groundbreaking to the obscure. It also calls people to action, providing ways in which every individual can make a difference in protecting our oceans.

9. Human Nature
The blog of Conservation International focuses on stories of the human side of conservation. Not only does it discuss human impacts on the environment, but the steps people, especially small communities, are taking to preserve it.

10. On the Tide
Written by Elliot Norse, the director of the Marine Conservation Institute, On the Tide brings excellent ocean writing from a personal and professional perspective.  It focuses on explaining the latest in worldwide conservation news.

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