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What is ClearOceans?


We are an international Ocean Enterprise helping travelers, adventurers, ocean lovers & business owners make ocean positive choices. Built on a passion for the oceans we believe that making positive choices to preserve the future oceans is possible. Our aim is to make that easier for you by connecting you with ocean friendly products and solutions. Whether you are a large corporation, or just one person striving to protect what you love, YOU can make a positive difference. Our oceans are beautiful, life giving and rich with opportunity. Lets join together and keep them that way.

Photo by Jo Marlow

How We Do This

For You Our newly launched LoveClearOceans Store begins to share some of our favourite ocean friendly, innovative and ‘out-there’ products in one handy place. Coming soon you will also find the best of the world’s ‘Ocean Experiences’ that you can join and feel happy in the knowledge that your break is positively contributing to the conservation of the oceans.

For Business We support tourism & diving businesses by connecting you with ocean positive services & sustainability solutions. We help business owners support real, on-the-ground ocean conservation projects. We provide a space to share ideas & collaborate. All through our ClearOceans Membership programme.

For The Oceans The ClearOceans Team believe in giving back. We contribute 5% of all profits to causes close to our heart. To find out more, visit our Conservation page.

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Sam Tyers

Sam Tyers


Sam is a Sustainability Adviser, Eco Entrepreneur, Ocean Lover and Mother to boot! She’s combined her experience in marketing and business development; expertise from MSc in Environmental & Energy Studies (CAT GSE), and love of travel and diving to bring you ClearOceans. She set up this unique Ocean Enterprise with the aim of creating smarter solutions that will change the future of oceans. Sam has lived and worked in Europe and Asia with her clients including SME’s, Xavier Font (from the International Centre for Responsible Tourism), CAMCO (Beijing) and range of Dive & Ocean Businesses. She’s supported entrepreneurs as a judge at Sussex Business Awards.and as Co-organiser at Secret {W} Business Bali. When she’s not working and being a mother she enjoys a spot of diving and yoga, with SUP being next on her hit list. Favourite Ocean Spot: Hove seafront, just love the sound of the angry ocean on the stony beach. Favourite Ocean Activity: Ocean gazing, I just love the sound! My mother tells me I’ve been doing it since childhood. Desperate to Go To: Micronesia
Jo Marlow

Jo Marlow


Jo is a truly passionate oceanista. With a PR background, Jo escaped the city more than seven years ago to pursue her passion for the oceans. Beginning her ocean career in scuba diving, she’s since followed her real love which is education and training. She’s worked on marine conservation and community development projects, and supported passionate young locals progress in the scuba diving world in both Malaysia and Indonesia. Jo recently joined Sam as part of the ClearOcean’s Team, and you can find her on the ground, supporting corporates and members and keeping you up to date with oceans news. Jo says, “I’ve been fascinated by the oceans and their inhabitants since I was small. I couldn’t agree more with Jacques Costeau when he says we only protect what we love.” Favourite Ocean Spot: Diving under volcanoes – Pulau Sangeang and its gas bubbles in the black sand, and strombolic, Mt Komba, which erupts every 30-40 minutes. Favourite Ocean Activity: I am happiest just watching the sea ebb and flow and extend out in front of me to infinity. Desperate to Go To: Galapagos, Magnet in Lombok, Cocos Island, Layang Layang – anywhere with schooling hammerheads!

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