ClearOceans Advocates

Passionate oceanistas who support ClearOceans and share with us why the oceans matter to them!

ClearOceans Advocate - Andrea Marshall

Andrea Marshall

Explorer, Conservation Biologist, Photographer and Co-Founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation

“While the ocean can be a harsh and unforgiving environment, the diversity and equilibrium of life in the ocean is awe-inspiring. Hundreds of thousands of organisms live in this dynamic liquid world, each highly refined to take advantage of their specific niche, each playing such a critical role in the ecosystem. Humans are slowly coming to the realization that we live on a blue planet. Water is actually what sets us apart from other planets.

It is surprising for many people to learn that the oceans supply most of our breathable oxygen, dictate world weather patterns, and help to feed the majority of humans on earth. The oceans represent life. Our life.”

ClearOceans Advocate - Shawn Heinrichs

Shawn Heinrichs

Emmy Award-Winning Cinematographer, Photographer, Conservationist

“My love of the oceans fuels me and I am captivated by the grace and beauty of the marine life within it. Recognizing that people only protect what they love; I am on a mission capture inspiring and dramatic imagery that connects the global community to the beauty and vulnerability of threatened marine species. And through this connection, I hope the world will ultimately share my passion for these creatures and be inspired to act before it is too late.”

ClearOceans Advocate - Lia Barrett

Lia Barrett

Photographer & Co-Founder of Prawno Apparel 

Lia Barrett is an underwater, travel, and fine art photographer. Her work and interests have taken her around the world from the far corners of West Papua New Guinea to the deep darkness of the Cayman Trench. Her photography ranges from coral reefs to macro critters to individuals and their relationship with water and nature.

“The oceans are one of Earth’s vital organs, and therefore their functionality, health and wellbeing are extremely crucial to the survival of us all.”


ClearOceans Advocate - Johnathan Woodward

Johnathan Woodward

Environmentally Friendly Illustrator

“I’ve always been in awe of the ocean and its inhabitants – whether diving on the Great Barrier Reef with rays, sharks and turtles or seeing a pod of 200 wild dolphins in New Zealand, some of my most cherished experiences have been interacting with wild creatures in their own habitat, which is why I’m proud to be an advocate of the fantastic ClearOceans initiative.”

ClearOceans Advocate - Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis

Conservation Biologist, Manta Trust Indonesian Country Lead & Founder of Indonesian Manta Project

“The ocean is truly wild and untamable. All of nature is wondrous but there is something mysterious about the ocean that has always captivated me, constantly drawing me in and guiding my life choices. In our human altered world, time spent in and on the ocean regenerates my soul and is a way I feel a part of the wild again.

We are a part of nature. Like it or not, we are connected to nature and always will be. We must look after the oceans because it is a part of us, destroying the oceans means destroying ourselves.”

ClearOceans Advocate - Brendon Ford Sing

Brendon Ford Sing

Shark Conservationist & Co-Founder of Shark Guardian

“I grew up in South Africa and as a kid I had a huge interest in sharks. Every time I went to an aquarium I would head straight for the shark tank and literally stand there for hours just watching the sharks swim by on the other side of the glass. People would walk by the shark tank saying how scary and freaky the sharks looked. Teasing other children that the sharks would try and eat them. I was not deterred, I found sharks absolutely fascinating. I wanted to dive with sharks and learn more about them.”

ClearOceans Advocate - Aaron "Bertie" Gekoski

Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski

Award-Winning Underwater/topside Photographer, Journalist, Presenter, Travel Writer and Film-maker

“Like all great women, the ocean is unpredictable, it’s beautiful, and it’s worth fighting for. Currently, our oceans are in a mess: polluted, warming, rising, and catastrophically overfished. I want my children, and my children’s children, to enjoy the marine world in the way our generation has, and generations before us. ”

ClearOceans Advocate - Emily Penn

Emily Penn

Ocean Advocate, Skipper and Director of Pangaea Explorations

“Every breath we take literally comes from the ocean; I think we feel so calm near water because it’s so crucial to our survival. Wherever we live on planet earth, we are privileged enough to enjoy the benefits of the ocean, but it’s also our responsibility to care for it.”

ClearOceans Advocate - Suki Zoe

Suki Zoe

Street & Life Photographer

“The ocean is everything. Calm/turbulent, open/mysterious, adventurous or nurturing. The wealth of creatures and magic contained within it continue to surprise and amaze us. It is our lifeblood, our source. Without them we die.”

ClearOceans Advocate - Aaron "Bertie" Gekoski

Rick Miskiv

Oceanpreneur/Designer @ 22degress, Underwater Photographer, Dive Instructor

“From my earliest memory of bobbing in the waves as a child to working as a dive guide, the ocean has always been a place of wonder, excitement, adventure and healing. The ocean always calms me and I feel most alive and at home underwater. Protecting them is essential for the future health of us and our planet” 

ClearOceans Advocate - Emily Penn
ClearOceans Advocate - Suki Zoe

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