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ClearOceans Business Membership is for business owners who want to make ocean positive choices.

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ClearOceans Business Membership is for any business in the tourism, adventure & diving industry. You already make ocean positive choices, or you want to know how you can make your business more ocean friendly.
By joining you not only get connected to ocean friendly solutions for Business, ClearOceans tools and sustainability services. You also become part of a growing network of business owners around the world who love and take care of the oceans.

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ClearOceans Membership - Solutions


Access to ocean friendly choices that make business sense.
ClearOceans Membership - Market Advantage

Market Advantage

Give potential customers another reason to choose you
ClearOceans Membership - Enhance Profile

Enhance Your Profile

Build your profile internationally as an ethical brand
ClearOceans Membership - Conserve


Happy knowing you are directly contributing to healthier oceans
ClearOceans Membership - Business Development

Business Development

Connect to Potential New Markets
ClearOceans Membership - Community


Learn & Share with a global community of likeminded business people

Membership Benefits

Essential Membership

Be inspired & make more ocean positive choices
FREE (currently)
  • Receive email updates of ocean positive products specifically for business
  • Contribute to Marine Conservation Projects by purchasing from our product partners
  • Access to our online Sustainable Business Review at the reduced rate of 75USD
  • Know you are making a positive difference to the oceans
  • Join our community & be inspired to make ocean positive choices
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What Our Members Say

Don’t just take it from us, let our members tell you how they’ve benefited from ClearOceans membership:

“ClearOceans helped us understand how far along we have progressed toward responsible tourism relative to other organizations and what we should work on next. This was done in several different ways that are both simple and scalable. As part of our assessment – ClearOceans forced us to think about how responsible tourism relates to the work we do everyday. Even though we have strived for this goal over the past years, they helped uncover blind spots in our program. With their feedback and guidance we were able to understand exactly what we needed to do to move further forward with our policies and actions.” Paul Landgraver

Wicked Diving

“I’m happy to say that since ClearOceans’ visit we now feel armed with more knowledge and a clearer vision of where we want to go. ClearOceans gave us the confidence of knowing there’s no such thing as failure here – the important thing is to start making small changes. As long as we’re open and honest about what we’re doing, including our successes AND failures, our customers (or potential customers) will show understanding and be respectful of the fact that we’re at least trying to make a difference. ClearOceans showed us that being green and being attractive to our customers definitely don’t have to be mutually exclusive.” Jim Yanny


Sam Tyers, of ClearOceans, was an absolute delight to work with, She has been a key part in inspiring and implementing some great eco and ethical practices and systems to apply to Maidenlove. I was equally impressed with her broad range of expertise, networks and advice that went beyond the eco/ethical ideas I had originally hired her for. She left us with a great comprehensive and clear plan to guide us through these next few months with easy to follow steps and tasks. Our business and staff are excited to get to work on our business with our new vision. I am sure we will be meeting with Sam again in the future as she is a great contact and asset for any business. Kirsten Sikiotis

Creative Director, Maidenlove

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