ClearOceans Sustainability Review

Does your business depend on the oceans?

Then the ClearOceans Sustainability Review is for you.

Save money

Attract new business opportunities

Gain customer loyalty

Grow a reputation as a business that cares!

What is the ClearOceans Sustainability Review?

The Review is a chance for you to give your business a ‘DIY Sustainability Assessment’ and create an Action Plan for positive change. It’s an easy to use, affordable and practical way to give your business a ‘sustainability service’, help you identify and take actions, and make more ethical choices. It’s a chance for you to step back, understand what ethical practices mean to your business, where you are at, where you want to go and what positive actions you can begin to take.

What makes the ClearOceans Review different?

This Review has been designed as a ‘DIY Tool’ with precisely your business demands in mind. It helps you to overcome the challenges of getting started and make progress within your business at times that suit you.

It has been mapped against the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria and adapted to incorporate ocean priorities and specifically with small to medium business in mind.

What does it cost?

You can buy the standalone tool for 95USD, or join us as ClearOceans Member and get access to The Review at discounted rates..

Completing the Review will provide you with:

A summary of your existing activities

Allow you to identify areas of your business where you want to implement change

Help you create an Action Plan of real, relevant and practical changes you can make in the short and long term

Create Your Own CO Review & Action Plan

When you access this online resource you will get:

  • Access to detailed instructions on how to complete each part of the Review & Action Plan
  • A template which will become your very own Review & Action Plan
  • The opportunity to have us personally review your completed CO Review & Action Plan and provide tailored feedback – at a significant discount

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and help you make smart and sustainable business decisions today!

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